Little Bell Morning Glory

Little Bell Ipomoea Triloba|  Varieties Available  |  Ipomoea Triloba  |

      It’s always especially exciting when you get a volunteer which not only turns out to be a vining flowering plant, but it also is one you have been planning on growing. These tiny pink blooms are delicate but resilient as well. Fast growing, heavy blooming, this variety is extremely hardy and produces many seeds.


  Name: Little Bell Morning Glory   Species: Ipomoea Triloba
  Color: Pink, dark pink   Star: Pink, dark pink
  Petal: Solid, 5 Petals   Pattern: Solid, darker edge
  Bloom Size: Small, ¼ – ½ inch   Leaves: Green, heart-shaped
  Vine: Smooth, green   Seed: Black, tiny
  Height: 10 – 18 ft   Origin: Vineyard volunteer