Star of India

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      Beautiful deep blue, and sometimes purple blooms with a heavy white picotee edge and a dark pink throat. Very striking medium to large prolific blooms with light green tri-lobed leaves. This show stopper is a one-cultivar garden all by itself. The petals sometimes have an oil or water painting appearance. Once you see these blooms, you’ll always want to have this amazing variety in your garden every single year!


  Name: Star of India   Species: Ipomoea Nil
  Color: Deep Blue, Purple   Star: Deep Blue, Purple
  Petal: Solid, 5 Petals   Pattern: Pink Throat, Picotee Edge
  Bloom Size: Large, 3 – 4 inch   Leaves: Green, Tri-lobed
  Vine: Slightly fuzzy, green, light green   Seed: Black, medium
  Height: 8 – 16 ft   Origin: ebay