Chiaki (Version 2)

Chiaki Ipomoea Nil x Purpurea|  Varieties Available  |  Ipomoea Nil  |  Youjiro / Fuji  |

      Chiaki is a very rare variety of the Youjiro series of Japanese Morning Glories. With sky blue blooms with varying degrees of lightness and a deep pink heart. We have two versions of this delightful beauty, this one is the second version we encountered. This version of Chiaki will occasionally produce slight streaking and blizzard effects.


  Name: Chiaki   Species: Ipomoea Nil x Purpurea
  Color: Sky Blue   Star: White Spoke
  Petal: Solid, 5 Petals   Pattern: Solid, picotee edge
  Bloom Size: Medium, 2½ – 3½ inch   Leaves: Green, 3+lobed
  Vine: Slightly fuzzy, green   Seed: Black, medium
  Height: 8 – 16 ft   Origin: ebay