Step Seven: Water

   Source of Life for the Morning Glory

Once you have placed all the seeds into their holes in a bed or a specific area, lightly water with Miracle Gro Bloom Booster (or regular Miracle Gro) to get the process going. Keep your seeds moist but do not drown them. If you are planting during a hotter time than early spring, then you may need to pay close attention to not let them dry out. Check the soil to see if it is wet or just damp to know when to water by pressing your finger into the top of the soil about half an inch. Be careful not to press down right on top of where your seeds are planted! If it is very damp, don’t water, if only slightly damp or dryer, then water. Once the plant is grown, you will probably need to water it every day depending on your climate with increasing amounts of water as the plant grows and needs more to sustain blooming and seed production as well as growth. Some people trim back the vines if necessary, but I try to avoid that.

Your seeds should sprout between 7 and 14 days. Sometimes within 2 days you may see a sprout or two. By preparing the seeds as described on the Prepare Seeds page with the emery board and warm water/peroxide solution, you should get very high germination rates, very quickly.