Things You’ll Need

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In order to successfully grow morning glories, you will need at the very least certain basic resources. Below is the list which I believe are required for this activity:

  • A Trellis, Fence, or some Structure on which the morning glories can vine with lots of sunlight ā€“ 5 to 6 full hours minimum for best results, though they can survive with a lot less, but may not produce as many blooms
  • Potting soil ā€“ I use Miracle Gro Potting Mix to top off the existing soil which we thoroughly sift clean of acorns, pecans, and debris every year
  • Prepared Flower Bed, or a 3 gallon planting container
  • Water
  • Water Hose or Watering Container
  • Spray Nozzle to control strength of spray – adjust it as the morning glory grows
  • Hand Shovel
  • Fertilizer such as Miracle Gro Bloom Booster for monthly applications
  • Household Hydrogen Peroxide
  • Viable morning glory seeds