Obscure Morning Glory

Obscure Morning Glory Ipomoea Obscura|  Varieties Available  |  Ipomoea Obscura  |

      Delightfully danty and creamy ivory, these little mid-morning bloomers pop out of the foliage every summer and fall morning for your pleasure.


  Name: Obscure Morning Glory   Species: Ipomoea Obscura
  Color: Ivory   Star: Ivory
  Petal: Solid, 5 Petals   Pattern: Solid
  Bloom Size: Small, ½ – 1½ inch   Leaves: Green, heart shaped
  Vine: Not fuzzy, purple – green   Seed: Black, small
  Height: 10 – 16 ft   Origin: eBay
Take a look at some of our Obscure Morning Glory Ipomoea Obscura blooms from 2014: