Step Five: Soak Seeds

   A warm bubbly bath is just what the doctor ordered

Once you have sufficiently filed the seeds with the emery board, and place them into their respective labeled containers, mix in 50% hot (not boiling) water and 50% hydrogen peroxide. Do not microwave the seeds when you warm up the water. The container size will dictate how much is just right. I use 3 tablespoons of each water, and peroxide, making it 6 total tablespoons in each of my individual containers. You want to cover the seeds just a little with the mixture. Just guesstimate that depth if the seeds are floating, usually about a quarter of an inch. Periodically, gently stir the container a little. It could take from 3 to 8 hours or longer, usually not very long though if you have filed it down enough and the seed is viable.

When the seed begins to swell, and the seed casing cracks and splits, the seed is ready to be planted into the prepared location. If the seed begins to produce a root, I find it better to use one of the wooden skewer tips to gently point the root downwards when I plant the seed in the hole. Please be gentle as to not damage the root.