Ice Peony

Ice Peony Ipomoea Nil|  Varieties Available  |  Splits & Mutations  |

      Delicate ice pink and blue blooms with curled green leaves illuminate every summer morning with brisk beauty. Originally labelled Pink Willow mutants, these amazing flowers have the potential of even more mutations with each generation.


  Name: Ice Peony   Species: Ipomoea Nil
  Color: Ice pink, ice blue   Star: Ice pink, ice blue
  Petal: Solid, 5 Petals   Pattern: Solid
  Bloom Size: Medium, 2 – 3 inch   Leaves: Green, curled, tri-lobed
  Vine: Slightly fuzzy, green, red   Seed: Black, medium
  Height: 8 – 12 ft   Origin: ebay