Things That Are Very Useful

   For me, all of these things are necessary:

  • A pack or two of 12” wooden kitchen skewers for digging the seed holes and creating a wall of protection from digging pests (you will think this is necessary later on if you find that you are fighting a digging pest and you are out of seeds!)
  • A spoon for sowing the seeds (you can always use your fingers instead, but it is much messier)
  • Bowls or containers in which you will need to soak the seeds overnight, one container per variety. You can always sow the seed without pre-soaking and just hope for the best. Pre-soaking in bowls overnight is highly recommended if you have a very limited amount of seeds left or are having trouble getting your seeds to germinate.
  • Fingernail Emery board for gently filing the seed
  • Paper plate for doing the filing
  • Tablespoon for measuring the water and peroxide, as well as stirring
  • Small saucer or dish, or even a shallow plastic lid for soaking, and various other purposes such as picking and organizing seeds prior to storage
  • Bowl/Cup of Water (which you will want to warm before use so make sure it is microwaveable, or just pour hot water from the faucet when you get to that step)