Wedding Bells

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      A mutation of Ipomoea Tricolor Heavenly Blue has resulted in one of the most unique i. tricolors available. Lovely large lavender blooms with bright yellow centers give an antique feeling to any arch or trellis. As with all tricolors, Wedding Bells grows fast and far, 10 to 15 ft, and produces many beautiful blooms. The vines are slick and hairless, with heart-shaped green leaves and oblong seeds. According to several online sources, if you allow any of the other tricolors to cross-pollinate with Wedding Bells, the resulting offspring will revert to Heavenly Blue.


  Name: Wedding Bells   Species: Ipomoea Tricolor
  Color: Lavender   Star: Lavender
  Petal: Solid, 5 Petals   Pattern: Solid
  Bloom Size: Large, 3 – 4 inch   Leaves: Green, Heart-shaped
  Vine: Green, light green   Seed: Black, medium oblong
  Height: 10 – 20 ft   Origin: Georgia Vines
Take a look at some of our Wedding Bells blooms from 2013: