Step Ten: Dealing with Diseases and Pests

   An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure

One of the most difficult aspects of growing morning glories that I have encountered is dealing with diseases. Pests are no fun either. On this page, the way we have dealt with both of these menaces are revealed in hopes it can help you if you ever need it.

Up until recently, I just removed any diseased plant instead of treating them. That, I thought, would help reduce the spread of the diseases. In fact, many diseases are going to happen due to climate and surrounding environment, including insects and pests, regardless if you remove diseased plants. However, removing the diseased parts of the plant, such as infected leaves, or even sections of vine, can be very helpful. Only remove the whole plant when absolutely necessary. Luckily, the diseases I encountered were always later in the year and rarely affected my seed production, thus I had been very slow to learn about this unfortunate process. The year 2015 changed that. El Niño brought excessive heat and flooding rains that occurred very early in the season which led to a massive outbreak of every imaginable disease for which I was totally unprepared. Below is an outline of how I dealt with the worst outbreak of diseases I have ever seen.

  This page is under construction as of October 22, 2015.
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