How to Grow Morning Glories

   Everybody does it their own way

Growing the Morning Glory can be easy and gratifying. Sometimes, you do have to do some work, but mostly, these plants have minimal requirements depending on your local climate. Morning Glories are tender herbaceous blooming vines which require a plentiful diet of water and monthly applications of a fertilizer like Miracle Gro. They need lots of sunlight and something on which to grow. Too much water, especially when they are young, can be fatal, as can not enough water when they are more developed, though they are able to tolerate some drought conditions. They need well-drained soil. Morning Glories are toxic to small animals and can make people sick if ingested, so just be mindful of the little ones and your pets if they start munching on your morning glories.
Preparation Time: 1-2 Days (for soaking) (if flower bed needs to be setup, 3 Days minimum for best results)
Morning Glories tolerate 50°F – 90°F but prefer 75°F- 85°F with full, mostly direct sunlight, frost is lethal
It takes 3 Months minimum for Morning Glories to go from seed to bloom to seed, in warm sunny weather
You could just plant the seed in the soil a half inch down a well-drained and well sun-lit area after the last threat of frost has passed, lightly cover it with soil, water it, and be done with it. That, however, never worked well for me, so here’s what I do…
Credit: Rebecca Winn, Horticultural Designer, eHow Garden Home Credit: Yolanda Vanveen, Sustainable Gardener, eHow Flower Gardening Tips
Credit: Filmed and Directed by David Mills, shared on youtube by Lynn Mantell