Big Blueper

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      Big Blueper is a natural cross of Kikyo Snowflakes and an unknown larger variety. The result is accidental magic! The blooms are very consistent, but do offer occasional whimsical variations such as an extra petal, a play on the pattern of blue, or a vibrant light blue blizzard. It is a heavy bloomer and a hardy, fast, and long growing vine.


  Name: Big Blueper   Species: Ipomoea Nil
  Color: Royal blue   Star: White spokes
  Petal: Solid, 5+ Petals   Pattern: White spokes, picotee edge
  Bloom Size: Very Large, 3 – 5 inch   Leaves: Green, 3+lobed
  Vine: Slightly fuzzy, green   Seed: Black, medium
  Height: 8 – 16 ft   Origin: Unexpected cross / volunteer 2015