Step Four: Prepare Seeds

   From here, there is no going back

Check the Weather! I recommend giving yourself at least 48 hours of calm weather after you plant the seeds. Too much rain can destroy your freshly planted garden. Remember that frost kills morning glories. If you plant outdoors, make sure the last threat of frost has passed. You can google “Last threat of frost for (your area, current year)”.
Start with filing down the seed (alternative to nicking) by following these instructions:

Gather the following items:

  • Emery board
  • Paper plate
  • Tablespoon
  • Small saucer or dish, or even a shallow plastic lid
  • Bowl/Cup of water
  • Hydrogen peroxide

On the paper plate, use the emery board to gently file down a small area behind the eye of the seed. Don’t go too deeply as you may damage the seed embryo. File down until you almost can see the white of the inner material. Set aside and repeat until you have filed every seed you wish to plant of each variety.

Place each seed into the container where you will add the peroxide and water to soak. (Remember to label or mark each container so you don’t forget which is which!) I often plant many different beds at once so I use multiple plastic “lids” which are more like the saucers you place under planters, but not very big, about six inches diameter, an inch and a half deep. You can use ceramic bowls, or anything that will be okay with peroxide and water for at most 24 to 48 hours.