Flying Saucers

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      This is the most dazzling variety of ipomoea tricolor. With Light Blue Mist and Dark Blue Streaks, this show stopper is out of this world! From time to time, you will discover a 4 petal bloom with this variety. Different patterns a combinations ensure that you won’t get tired of this beauty!


  Name: Flying Saucers   Species: Ipomoea Tricolor
  Color: Light – Dark Blue   Star: Same
  Petal: Solid, 5 Petals   Pattern: Blue streaks & flakes, yellow heart
  Bloom Size: Medium, 3 – 4 inches   Leaves: Green, heart-shaped
  Vine: Hairless, green   Seed: Black, medium oblong
  Height: 12 – 24 ft   Origin: Walmart