Chocolate Blizzard Fuji

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      One of several new varieties that appeared really caught my eye. It produces few seeds, but is worth every attempt. The most amazing, addictive, large Chocolate Blizzard Fuji is a smooth silky sweet treat for the eyes that will melt the soul.


  Name: Chocolate Blizzard Fuji   Species: Ipomoea Nil
  Color: Brown   Star: White spokes
  Petal: Solid, 5+ Petals   Pattern: Solid, streaks, picotee
  Bloom Size: Large, 3 – 5 inch   Leaves: Variegate green, 3+lobed
  Vine: Slightly fuzzy, green   Seed: Dark brown, medium
  Height: 8 – 16 ft   Origin: Unexpected cross / volunteer